The Central Virginia chapter of CMSA is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to the support and development of the profession of case management.  Its leadership programs, educational forums, and breadth of tools and resources enable case management professionals to ensure more positive outcomes for individual patients’ healthcare needs. Case management professionals help patients get healthier, faster; and help curtail the exorbitant costs that too often afflict the nation’s health care system. To further the professional knowledge and career opportunities of its members, CMSA also offers a number of education programs.

May 2020 Presidents Message for Central Virginia Case Managers

Greetings Central Virginia Case Managers!

The work of a case manager can be challenging on a good day, but with the current COVID-19 pandemic, these challenges are intensified. Please know that National and CVC CMSA appreciate what you do each and every day including risking your own health to ensure that your clients and patients receive the quality care that they deserve.

The purpose of this message is to provide you an update on CVC CMSA activities and events.

CVC CMSA Board Recruitment

CVC CMSA is currently soliciting members to run for our 2020-2021 Board. Elections will take place early Summer and officers will be inducted in August at our Annual Membership Meeting. This year, we will be electing a Treasurer and Secretary (the Bylaws require that candidates for these positions have served on the Board previously). We also have two Member at Large positions open to all members that have been a CVC member for at least a year. Members will be receiving an email with information about each of these positions. If you are interested and want to get your name on the ballot, please contact Paula Simpson, Nomination Chairperson at: [email protected] 

We are also recruiting members to serve on one of our committees which include: Awards/Recognition, Bylaws/Policies and Procedures, Education/Event Planning, Finance, Hospitality/Membership, Nomination, Public Policy, Publicity/Website, Scholarship, Charity and Community Service and Sponsor.  Please contact Derenda Lovelace at: dflovelace @aol.com to sign up for a committee.

Spring Education Meeting

Medi Home Hospice and Soldality Respite INC are presenting our Spring education Progam, Hospice 101 in 2020, through a webinar on June 2, 2020 ay 6:00 pm. You can sign-up by clicking the Register Now link on the home page under Upcoming events.

Spring Conference

As you know, CVC CMSA had to cancel our Spring conference because of COVID-19 social distancing requirements. However, we have rescheduled the conference for Oct 22, 2020 at The Place at Innsbrook. While we hope to be able to meet in person, we are also exploring a virtual option as a backup plan. Please save this date and we will contact you when registration is open.

National CMSA Conference

The National Conference scheduled for Boston June 28 - July 2 will now be virtual. As you read this message, details are being worked out.  I will provide an update as soon as it is available.

Members Website Accounts

In order to access the member section for our website as well as receive the member rate for CVC CMSA events, CVC CMSA members are required to have a website account. Our Membership Committee is reaching out to members who have not established an account to remind them to do so. If you receive a Welcome email form the website, please follow the directions and activate your account.

Non-Member Mailing List Verifications

For Central Virginia case managers who are not members of CMSA but want to be on our mailing list, the website requires that you verify your email address. If you receive an email from our website, please verify your email so we can send you emails about our future activities and events.


If you are a CMSA member and do not have a CMSA pin, please contact Itanya Milligan Artis, Membership Chairperson at: [email protected] and she will send you one. We are currently out of CVC Chapter pins, but Itanya will be placing an order soon. We will let you know when they are available.

CMSA Membership

If you are a CMSA member, please know that CVC CMSA appreicates your membership. If you are not a member, we would like you to join us. Please see membership options below.

1-year membership National dues $170 + CVC CMSA Local Dues $35 = $205. There is also an option of making monthly due payments of $15/month.

Renew for 2 years National dues $310 ($30 savings)

$10 off National dues if you join online

CCM's receive a 20% ($34) discount on CMSA membership (discount code CCM20 for new members; current members need to call CMSA to renew)

Military/VA Rate: $123

National Student Rate: $110 (see National guidelines)

Retired National Rate: $85 (see National guidelines)

Register for CMSA's 30th Annual Conference and Expo in Boston, MA, June 28 - July 2 and 1-year membership is included with registration fee

Current National promotion: use promo code GROW2020 and save $20 of National membership dues. Offer expires 05/31/2020.

For additional information about these offers, go to: www.cmsa.org/membership/join-now Please contact Member Services (501-225-2229) at National CMSA if you qualify for more than one discount.

Tanks again for all you do as case managers. Please stay safe and well!

Derenda Lovelace, MSN, RN-BC, CM

President, CVC CMSA



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